Focus: A train track going in the distance

How to Get Back on Track When You Lose Focus

If you lost your focus it's not the end of the world, you simply need to reassess your situation and get back on track. Identify what wastes your time and finally make your way to the finish line.

The One Habit To Rule Them All

Learn one simple habit that the most successful people have in common, how it will improve your productivity, build more habits and make them stick.

My Weapons of Choice to Overcome Procrastination

As a procrastinator myself, I got tired of wasting my time when I should be productive instead. Here are my weapons of choice to overcome procrastination.

Single? Be Fulfilled. Don’t be Desperate!

Being single isn't the end of the world. Don't be a desperate single afraid of being alone. Have fun, be fulfilled and you'll find someone without looking.

How to Escape the Middle Class Trap

With the social pressure to appear successful, many feel trapped to live above their means. Learn how to escape the trap by managing your spending to match your income.

The Two Most Critical Skills You Need To Succeed

The most successful people in the world play the long game and don't give up. Leveraging patience and perseverance can help you succeed as well.

Continuously Educate Yourself or Pay the Price

If you want to keep up with our fast changing world you must continuously educate yourself. There is a hefty price to pay once you stop learning.

How Jeans Crotch Holes Can Change Your World

The holes in my jeans brought me on a mission to update my wardrobe and, ultimately, myself. Learn the approach I use that can help change your world.

Your Entitlement Makes You Miserable

What you take for granted or believe you rightfully deserve is most likely making you miserable. Crush entitlement, be accountable and stop being miserable.

Four lessons to let go of the Past

If you can't let go of the past you will never be able to go forward. Learn these four lessons to help you look ahead and move on to better things.