How Jeans Crotch Holes Can Change Your World

That’s it! I’m going bonkers you must be thinking. How in the hell can rips in the groin area of your jeans, or favorite pants, can change your world? Actually, quite a bit. It depends on how you look at it. Such a mundane event actually turned my world from the inside out. Whenever I tell the story, people give me a weird look at first but never for long. Let me tell you how crotch holes in my jeans have changed my world and how yours can too.

It was on a cold and snowy day in December 2012 that I would receive a phone call that was about to shake things up. I had been the selected candidate for a job I had applied for! After working almost 4 years from home, it was time to go back to the civilized world and get to work in a real office with real human beings. Now, what does this have to do with ripped up jeans? I’m getting there!

After 3 years of full-time school and work, I had neglected my wardrobe quite a bit. Not that it matters much what you like when you’re a student you’d say and, quite frankly, I didn’t care at all at the time but, I had this new job so I’d have to show up to work with more than boxers and a t-shirt. Luckily, their dress code was jeans and t-shirts. That was going to be easy!

As I started shuffling through my wardrobe, I picked up all the potential pieces of garment that would fit the bill. It turns out the weight I had gained in the recent years helped narrow down my choices quite drastically. And so, I ended up with a slim selection of shirts and pairs of jeans. I was about to call it a day when I realized something. Those jeans were the only pants that fit me. They all had holes in the crotch!

I had a few days before starting the new job with a lot of learning to prepare for it and now I had to go get more pants! Pretty trivial you’d say but something clicked in my head that day. I had been buying cheap American Eagle jeans at 35$ a pop on discount for years and would go through each pair every 3-4 months with the same issue: rips in the crotch area! I was suddenly fed up with the same old crap and wanted something new, better.

And so began my quest for a better pair of jeans. When I want something, I get pretty OCD about it. I will spend countless hours researching a topic until I have a really good idea of what’s going on. And so I turned on my OCD mode and went looking for the ultimate pair of jeans. I went through brands, cuts, construction, denim weight, origins, raw denim or regular, sanforized or un-sanforized, quality vs price and whatever else there is to know about jeans. After trial and errors, I ended up with a Canadian brand from my hometown called Naked & Famous. They had every quality I was looking for and still am proudly wearing them 4 years later. Guess what? No still no hole in the crotch!

Aside from the shameless plug and general fanboyism I may show towards the brand, that in itself wasn’t what changed my world. What did is the snowball effect that this boring issue created for me. After I started wearing those jeans, I felt like the rest wasn’t up to par and so I applied the same OCD research for every other piece of clothing I was interested in. A few months in, I had learned a lot about men’s style, both classic and modern. I had upgraded my wardrobe to a point where people would notice and comment. I had started working out to look better in my clothes. Then I got interested in watches and men’s accessory. I’ve learned a lot through all that research but it did something for me that has completely changed who I am today.

I started applying the same principle to fix the other issues I faced in my life

These holes in the crotch of my jeans were not about looking for better jeans. It was about making a stand to fix a recurring issue that was happening over and over again. I applied this principle to several other aspects of my life. The result of this is still unbelievable for me but very real.

I became much more confident, leaner, more knowledgeable, positive, ambitious and driven to turn my life around and solve every problem that I had been dealing with.

A simple sign of wear and tear in a pair of pants set about a series of event that would lead me where I am today. Through my interest for learning how to dress better, I reached out and connected with people who would further influence my personal development. I made concrete plans to regain control of my life. I met the girl of my dreams and am travelling the world with her now. There are many things that I have yet to accomplish but I take a similar approach to that day back in 2012 where I got that phone call. I took a step towards changing for the better, one small change at a time. Nowadays I work towards a personal goal or overcoming an obstacle the following way:

  1. Become aware of the problem that I have to solve or the goal that I want to achieve.
  2. Research what I must do to work towards my objective.
  3. Take action with small and steady steps.
  4. Learn from my actions and mistakes.
  5. Adjust accordingly based on the lessons I have learned.
  6. Iterate over and over until I get where I want to be.

Using my jeans as an analogy, I became aware that I couldn’t keep getting the same jeans and expect them to last. I looked into it and learned a bunch. I bought jeans and lost some money on bad purchases and kept doing research. By refining my requirements, I eventually found what I needed to fix my problem and improve upon my situation.

I now apply this principle to other aspects of my life like fitness, finance, my professional career and relationships. They are greatly improved as a result of this mundane event. I could have kept the holes, or patched them up. But I decided to use this opportunity to improve something in my life. This has to be one of the most important lessons I learned no matter how unusual it came to be.

Next time you see a hole in your pants, shirt or socks, don’t just think of it as a simple defect to get rid of or patch. Ask yourself instead how can you turn this hole into an opportunity for changing your world for the better. It’s as crazy as it sounds but it works for me!